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Styling, london stylist, editorial stylist, commercial stylist, ecommerce stylist, tv stylist, fashion

Hi there and thanks for stopping at my website!

I'm Špela and over the last ten years, I've travelled across three countries growing my skills in fashion styling and creative production. I’ve worked on a range of sets and taken on variety of roles, from assisting Vogue shoots and working on E-commerce sets to styling live TV fashion during my time at QVC.

My experiences have taught me to always be on my toes, learn fast and be adaptable while having an eye for detail and a smile on my face, always. 😊 ← that's me. Making people happy by dressing them in something amazing or by providing them with
visually pleasing imagery is what I am meant to do.

As a freelancer, I’ve been published in Teeth magazine, Atlas, Lobster, iMute... I am always busy creating something new and keeping up with the trends. In my spare time, I am a keen photographer of little pleasures, nature and beautiful moments. I am a big DIYer with loads of hobbies.

Very happy to connect with other creatives and share ideas of what we can achieve together.

Interested in work opportunities, whether local or remote, and happy to travel if needed. Get in touch!

All the best,
Špela xx

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